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Player 2 4-Eva Tote

Player 2 4-Eva Tote

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Ever wanted to be the Mario to someone's Luigi? Well, now you can with the plyr2 4eva tote! This bag is so versatile, it comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Just like your ego after you beat your friend at Mario Kart.

With a height and length of 12.99 inches for the small, 16.02 inches for the medium, and a whopping 17.99 inches for the large, this bag has more dimensions than a 3D Mario game. And let's not forget about the width - a solid 3.46 inches across all sizes. That's more space than Bowser's castle!

And the handles? They're 11.81 inches high and 1 inch wide. Perfect for carrying all your gaming gear or your shattered dreams after a blue shell hits you right before the finish line. So, get your plyr2 4eva tote today and be the talk of the Mushroom Kingdom!

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